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BlueFox for BrightSign Offers Retailers and Out-of-home Advertisers
Analytics to Measure Digital Signage ROI

LOS GATOS, Calif. — (November 14, 2018) — BrightSign LLC® today announced that BlueFox has integrated its real-time mobile phone sensing technology into BrightSign’s portfolio of digital signage media players. The solution – BlueFox for BrightSign – enables optimization of digital signage messaging and increases display ROI by measuring real-time customer engagement.

BlueFox pioneered the use of mobile phone signals to measure foot traffic, and the integration announced today adds that capability to any Wi-Fi enabled BrightSign player, making it possible to measure and optimize the ROI of digital signage solutions. BlueFox technology enables BrightSign media players to detect nearby mobile phones without the need for special apps, login or beacon. BlueFox’s patented technology does not provide any identifiable personal information and is compliant with privacy regulations across the globe, such as the European GDPR.

“BlueFox’s ability to count new and returning visitors, along with dwell time, by honing-in on the smartphone and not the individual, is a natural extension of our mission to enable digital signage with technology that’s valuable to our retail customers,” said BrightSign CEO Jeff Hastings. “Adding BlueFox foot-traffic analytics as an option to our media players is an important addition to the BrightSign value proposition, and we expect our customers to eagerly embrace this new technology.”

“Brick-and-mortar retailers want analytics that measure their store traffic similar to what’s available for online shopping,” said Claude Sabourin, General Manager of CAS Group International, an Asia-based distributor of BrightSign solutions. “The BlueFox solution is more reliable and cost-efficient than camera-based alternatives and is a great fit for the retail market. Once they see the power of the BlueFox solution, my customers are very excited in a way that I’ve rarely seen in more than 30 years of system sales.”

The solution is ideal for digital-out-of-home advertising, retail and other digital signage applications where measuring and understanding customer foot traffic is important. Quantifying foot traffic is just the beginning. Retailers can further examine the data to track advertising effectiveness by measuring traffic at key locations, monitor queue time and alert staff, and optimize the path to purchase. All of this is made possible by BlueFox’s smartphone signal detection technology which, unlike competitive offerings, detects customers’ phones even when Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities are disabled.

“Our proprietary technologies around advanced smartphone signal detection make it possible for BlueFox to assess foot traffic much more accurately than camera or beacon-based solutions,” said BlueFox CEO Guillaume de la Tour. “Measuring the customer journey effectively provides retailers with actionable data, and that’s a real value.”

Pricing for BlueFox for BrightSign starts at just $98 per unit annually. Customers can choose from the basic offering, which includes visit count and dwell time, or they can upgrade to the premium offering, which adds unique visitor count, frequency and traffic flow.

The BlueFox for BrightSign solution is currently available as a private beta version, with a public release planned next month. Contact BlueFox at for more information.

Visit for more information about BrightSign’s complete portfolio of digital signage hardware and software solutions. Visit to learn about BlueFox’s real-time mobile phone sensing solutions.

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BlueFox is revolutionizing traffic counting and customer engagement in physical spaces, with technology that makes counting simpler and more affordable. BlueFox serves retail, hospitality, and advertising industries, helping boost sales, optimize security, and increase customer loyalty. Bluefox’s patented mobile phone detection and engagement solution requires no apps or beacons and has received multiple independent privacy certifications, as well as numerous industry awards. Learn more about customer counting and onsite messaging solutions at Follow at and

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