Digital Signage Federation Member BrightSign Offers Tool to Help with AV Professionals Improve Installation Efficacy

Digital Signage Benchmark Platform Makes it Possible to Virtually Test Content Compatibility of Digital Signage Hardware Prior to Installation

Warrenton, VA – June 4, 2018 – The Digital Signage Federation® (DSF), the only independent not-for-profit trade organization serving the digital signage industry, today announced that it will be adding a new tool to its member-created resource library. The Digital Signage Benchmark (DSB), developed and managed by DSF member BrightSign, is a new device-agnostic testing platform designed to enable systems integrators and Pro AV specifiers to load-test digital signage hardware prior to deployment. DSB is a free resource used to evaluate whether digital signage hardware performance is adequate to support the type of content being created for an installation. The ability to simulate hardware/content compatibility prior to the actual content delivery and installation gives AV professionals peace of mind that the hardware they specify for their projects will support the content being created for those installations.

“The Digital Signage Federation is bringing awareness of this member-created benchmarking tool, and other industry advancements like it, to help the digital signage industry improve the efficacy of its installations,” said Richard Ventura, Vice President of Strategic Management, DSCE, NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc. and DSF Chairman. “This innovative tool can help integrators, developers and end-users to optimize their hardware decisions for the types of content to be displayed.The DSF appreciates BrightSign’s effort to create and share this tool, which can be a useful additional resource for our members.”

UHD video, HDR color space, HTML5, CSS animations, live video playback, WebGL, touch & mobile interactivity, IP streaming and video-on-video overlays are some of the robust content sources populating today’s digital signage. This breadth of content becomes problematic when various content sources are played on a signage network incapable of properly displaying the content. The DSB empowers AV professionals to evaluate hardware performance prior to installation, using a testbed of content sources to assess hardware/content compatibility. For more information, visit

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