Signagelive and BrightSign Team Deliver a Global Digital Signage Solution

Collaboration Greatly Simplifies Cross-border Signage Deployment and Management


CAMBRIDGE, UK – (January 15, 2018) – Signagelive today announced a comprehensive integration that brings full Signagelive support to BrightSign’s entire line of Series 3 digital signage media players. As global leaders in their respective markets, the collaboration creates an end-to-end solution to help customers create, deploy and manage digital signage content across virtually any network, anywhere in the world.

BrightSign is the global market leader in digital signage media players, offering a wide range of players to suit any digital signage application. Signagelive’s software platform is an ideal complement to BrightSign’s hardware offering, with its expansive installed base of more than 1,900 active networks located in 46 countries. Together, BrightSign and Signagelive offer a winning global digital signage hardware/software solution.

“Closely aligning Signagelive’s software platform with BrightSign’s Series 3 players creates a powerful solution,” said Jason Cremins, founder and CEO of Signagelive. “Now our customers can deploy and manage digital signage networks across multiple locations, knowing they have a robust and reliable signage network that won’t cause them headaches.”

The BrightSign/Signagelive solution is an ideal fit for large companies and media agencies that require centralised control of their brand messaging worldwide. This pertains both to customers that require a platform for cloud-networked global signage networks, as well as tech-minded customers who build custom solutions based on their proprietary application programming interfaces (APIs).

Signagelive’s support for BrightSign Series 3 media players includes the following capabilities:

  • Setup - Timezone configuration from the Signagelive platform/cloud
  • System Reporting - manufacturer, model, app version, screen status (on/off), OS, serial number, IP address, CPU, memory & storage
  • Screen Control - ability to schedule on/off based on day, time and recurrence
  • Remote Reboot - force a reboot at the next check-in
  • BrightSign NativeTicker support - very smooth left-to-right ticker
  • HDMI™ input - full-screen and in a zone within a layout
  • Dual-video support in layouts
  • Frame-accurate synchronisation
  • BrightSign WiFi Module and NativeTicker support
  • IPTV Streaming - HLS only, full-screen and in a zone within a layout
  • Remote Screenshots - shown on device dashboard including the capture of HDMI input
  • Proof of Play - records and reports all media played with tags and metadata

“With the support of this long list of new features, Signagelive has created an easily scalable, 100% cloud-based BrightSign digital signage solution for global brands and corporations,” said Jeff Hastings, BrightSign’s CEO. “They have unlocked virtually all of BrightSign’s capabilities and enabled a broad set of custom solutions on their platform with our world-class players.”

The combined BrightSign/Signagelive solution positions the companies especially well to land new global accounts in key vertical markets, such as retail, QSR and corporate communications. Key customers in these and other market segments are seeking global signage solutions that make it possible to manage deployments across multiple timezones, and in multiple languages. To address this need, Signagelive’s complete solution includes live chat support from 8am to midnight GMT.

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