Real Madrid World of Football Experience

Timing is everything in football and video walls

The Real Madrid World of Football Experience is a new, state-of-the-art, digital and physical interactive soccer (football) experience designed for all ages. Starting in Melbourne, the Experience travels around the world visiting 15 cities and connecting with the club’s fan base, estimated at 140 million worldwide.

As visitors enter the massive 50m x 30m touring pavilion created by Interp, they are wowed by two 18-screen videowalls powered by BrightSign players programmed by Amped, associated with a wall of sound. Content was created by Tania Price of Immersiv. Creating videowalls on this scale is a challenge in itself–but most walls of this size are built just once. The World of Football Experience will bed is mantled and reassembled at least fifteen times around the world without the original designers being present. The videowall has to work flawlessly out of its’ packing cases each time.

Matt Steedman, Director of Amped Digital said, “We created an AV explosion: a spectacular immersive audio video experience that gets visitors excited and sets the expectation for what’s to follow. Even for an AV-pro like myself, the final effect is dizzying: a combination of 36 large screens delivering content in perfect synchronization all accompanied by a wall of sound makes a deep impression.”

The entrance consists of two videowall seach with eighteen 49” HD panels. The visitor’s field of view encompasses several screens at a time so synchronisation has to be frame-accurate across each display in both walls. A discrepancy of a single frame or even half a frame would ruin the effect. Dylan Daniel Holtzhausen Operations Manager of Amped Digital continued, “We used BrightSign players for this project because of the ease and exactitude with which they can be synchronised as well as for their durability and reliability. We don’t believe we could have achieved this performance using anything else.”

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