Western Union International Bank Puts BrightSign in Prime Position in 40 German and Austrian Branches

The Western Union International Bank GmbH, a leader in payment services, is using 58 BrightSign XD solid-state digital signage players in its 40 German and Austrian branches. The players in this new installation are used to display exchange rates, as well as schedule advertising content to display on the screens at pre-determined intervals. At the time of installation, this was the first European deployment of BrightSign’s new, flagship XD1230 player to be announced publicly.

“The primary objective of the BrightSign-based digital signage system was to replace manually updated exchange rate signage in our branches. Exchange rates change multiple times per day, and our objective was to provide screens that would show the correct rate instantly and automatically, as soon as the rate was changed in the point-of-sale system,” said Thomas Zraunig, project manager at Western Union International Bank. “Additional objectives were to improve the customer experience in our branches, provide our branches with a more modern and up-to-date appearance and to use the same screens to promote other services.”

Western Union International Bank underwent a detailed and thorough evaluation process before selecting the BrightSign players. The bank took delivery of and configured 58 BrightSign XD1230 players, created the content and rolled them out to all 40 branches in just three and a half months. Thomas Zraunig believes that the return on investment on the system is excellent, taking all the costs into consideration. Western Union International Bank is a very forward-looking institution and Thomas Zraunig is already looking at harnessing the further capabilities of the BrightSign XD1230 players.

Key Facts

Industry: Financial services

Location: Branches in Germany and Austria

Integrator: In-house

Project: Western Union International Bank GmbH


  • A total of 58 BrightSign XD1230 solid-state digital signage players drive 40-inch NEC HD LCD monitors
  • 40 Western Union International Bank branches located throughout Germany and Austria


  • Deployment had to be rolled out in just a few months, therefore the digital signage players needed to be exceptionally easy to set up, configure and program
  • Required the ability to distribute content via the cloud, and to upload and distribute exchange rates from a text or XML file reliably and quickly
  • Exchange rates fluctuate constantly and must align correctly with Western Union International Bank’s point-of-sale systems

The Solution

  • BrightSign’s solid-state players were selected to keep support issues to a minimum
  • BrightAuthor – a free software solution available with all BrightSign players to easily create, publish and network presentations – was used to configure and program the players
  • BrightSign Network is used to schedule occasional advertisements throughout the day, while dedicating the screens exclusively to advertisements during off-hours
  • Exchange rate information is updated automatically every 30 seconds, automating what was once a very time-consuming task for employees
  • The players were delivered by xplace and supplied by German distributor COMM-TEC BrightSign Network enables content to be customized for each of the 40 branches


  • The BrightSign solution delivers exceptional performance and functionality at a very affordable price
  • Platform can grow and evolve over time, and will support the later addition of touch screen interaction and other features
  • Players open the potential to sell advertising to third parties, offsetting the implementation cost
  • Real-time exchange rate updates reassure management that customers receive current, correct information during transactions
  • Testing and configuration took just one day to complete, greatly accelerating the deployment timeline
  • Advertising content is customized for each branch based on geographic location and its unique business hours

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