The new Series 5 players are the most powerful set of digital signage players in the industry. They have been carefully engineered from the ground up to deliver elevated digital signage experiences that will inspire, engage and captivate.

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BrightSign XC5

Expert multi-headed 8K players for elite experiences

Multiple HDMI outputs, elite HTML performance and stunning 8K makes BrightSign XC5 the most powerful player in the digital signage industry. They exceed signage PCs on all levels including performance, reliability, longevity and security.

BrightSign XD5

Professional 4K players for enterprise+ experiences

BrightSign XD5 has been redesigned to power state of the art digital signage experiences featuring PoE, a thinner design, hardware accelerated 4K video rotation and optimized motion graphics for faster more responsive presentations.

BrightSign AU5

Digital audio player for leading edge sound experiences

Flawless, high bandwidth audio experiences featuring ARC/eARC & Dolby ATMOS sound technologies are now a reality for any application with this ultra low-cost platform that is easy to deploy and designed with BrightSign’s signature reliability.

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