Enabling highly targeted audience engagement with Bi-directional communication between BrightSign Digital signage and mobile devices


BrightBeacon improves the overall digital signage experience by increasing audience engagement and creating a highly targeted, personal experience on two screens. Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon technologies, 2-way communication between BrightSign digital signage and mobile devices is achieved and allows for the delivery of highly targeted promotions based on location as well the ability to control digital signage playback from a mobile device. The BrightSign player requires the Wireless/Bluetooth module in order to implement BrightBeacon features and capabilities into BrightSign presentations via BrightAuthor or via scripting with BrightAuthor:connected.

BrightBeacon Applications

Unique, personal experiences with digital signage and mobile devices can be created for virtually any application

  • Increase traffic to digital sign locations
  • Product promotions and coupons delivered in-store
  • Consumer controlled digital signage for product demonstrations, sales information and more
  • Informative messaging for transportation, medical and educational applications
  • Personal welcome messages in corporate and hospitality lobbies
  • Interactive exhibits/kiosks in museums, attractions & entertainment

BrightBeacon Features

  • Integrated BLE beacon technology available on all BrightSign players which is used to promote mobile engagement (requires the Wireless/Bluetooth module)
  • Offers dual screen exposure on both large digital signage screen and mobile device display
  • Delivers location-based mobile engagement to deliver highly targeted content based on proximity to the beacon – no batteries required
  • Supports 2-way communication between mobile devices and digital signage allowing a mobile device to control digital sign playback
  • Offers remotely programmable solution with multiple beacon UUIDs supported
  • Works with the BrightBeacon development application template and can be integrated with 3rd party apps.
  • Requires BrightSign players to have the optional Wireless/Bluetooth module installed or a USB BLE 4.0 dongle & a mobile application that supports BLE beacons
    • For 2-way communication, a secondary beacon is required

The BrightBeacon Advantage

Basic BLE Beacons


Batteries required BrightSign players can power USB beacons without batteries for 1-way communication applications
Content sized for and viewed only on mobile devices Delivers both mobile messaging and matching digital signage playback which unleashes an immersive audio/video experience
1-way communication Supports 1-way & 2-way communication between digital signage and mobile devices such as displaying a personal welcome and allowing the user to interact with the signage.
Non-programmable, limited to 1 beacon Completely programmable solution with multiple beacon UUIDs supported, easy re-purposing of beacon and app associations to support new use cases. Remote updates to targeted content transmissions, interactive controls and location settings