IP Streaming

Full HD video and audio IP streaming available on all BrightSign players

Play streaming media on all BrightSign players
  • All BrightSign players support Full HD IP video streaming
    • BrightSign XD/XT support 4K video streams
  • MJPEG and audio streaming including these formats
    • HLS (the standard for public internet streaming: i.e. YouTube)
    • UDP/RTP/RTSP streaming from head-end real-time encoders
    • HTTP including SHOUTcast
  • BrightSign XD/XT players support multiple video streams simultaneously
  • BrightSign supports SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) technology on both 1080p & 4K content which optimizes streaming performance even across unpredictable networks
  • Customize buffering and latency to improve media streaming performance
  • Play streaming media in HTML5 assets or in BrightAuthor’s video, audio or MJPEG stream states
  • Stream, buffer and play back content from IP cameras supporting the RTSP unicast streaming protocol

Click here to see detailed specifications and supported formats.

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