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BrightSign Academy is a series of courses that teaches all you need to know about BrightSign and its products. We offer courses that cover a range of topics from player setup and provisioning to features of BrightAuthor:connected. These tools will help you master digital signage and provide the pathway to becoming a BrightSign Authorized Reseller.


Course Name Course # Course Level Description Avixa CTS Credits

Welcome to BrightSign   




This course offers an introduction to the BrightSign company, our purpose-built digital signage players and our core networking platform and services. See how BrightSign fits into and provides value to the digital signage industry, and learn about our full line of digital signage media players including their features and performance capabilities. You will also be introduced to the digital signage management platform and its services. 


BrightSign Authorized Reseller Certification        



Learn more about our Authorized Reseller Program.

Once courses BSA-101 and BSA-AR are successfully completed you are authorized as a BrightSign Reseller. In the Authorized Reseller course you'll learn about pricing and the Minimum Authorized Price (MAP) policy, your obligations as a reseller, and how to interface with BrightSign, including how to connect with BrightSign support and our requirement to offer Tier 1 technical support to your customers. 

We will also review the variety of BrightSign resources that will help you sell our products and help your customers feel secure in their investment.


BrightSign Players and Network Setup



This course teaches you how to get a BrightSign player setup and network connected allowing you to publish presentations to it. Topics covered are player setup, publishing methods, provisioning players for partner CMS publishing and content scheduling basics. If possible, we encourage you to take this course with a BrightSign player to work with so you can follow along and gain hands-on experience.

 1 Network Management and Advanced Settings



This course covers basic to advanced player network management allowing you to easily manage your fleet of BrightSign players. Learn how to view real time player status and remotely control players using the free Control Cloud subscription to Understand the tools that help manage a growing fleet of networked players with a Content Cloud subscription to such as creating network groups, utilizing tagging features and setting account user roles and permissions. Advanced player topics are also covered including how to provision players in bulk, apply player settings manually and remotely, perform advanced player modifications and what types of interactive devices can be controlled by your BrightSign player.


BrightAuthor:connected Presentations       



This course covers content management along with creating, scheduling, and publishing presentations using BrightAuthor:connected. We will explore how to display various content types such as images, videos, media feeds, and HTML pages. Required materials in order to complete the course include a BrightSign player connected to a display, a computer with BrightAuthor:connected installed, and the course content assets which are available to download.


 BrightAuthor:connected Interactive Presentations   




This course will instruct how to create interactive presentations using BrightAuthor:connected. You will learn how to program an Interactive Playlist within a zone allowing it to respond to inputs from a mouse, a touch screen and a button panel to trigger content playback within that zone. Additionally, you will learn how multiple zones within a presentation can communicate with each other to trigger content playback using zone commands for an onscreen navigation menu application. Required materials needed to complete the course include a BrightSign player connected to a display, a computer with BrightAuthor:connected installed, interactive devices (mouse, touchscreen or button panel) and the course content assets which are available to download.


Video Walls
BSA-106 Intermediate-Advanced

This course begins with a chapter on how to build a basic video wall and we’ve partnered with Matrox to show you how to make a simple and affordable video wall. As the courses progress in complexity, you’ll learn how to compensate for displays bezels, how to change screen orientations, and how to create an artist video wall with custom orientations, any number of screens, and mixed pixel densities. Let’s get started!



Authorized Reseller

Successful completion of courses BSA-101 and BSA-AR grants partners authorization to resell BrightSign products and services. 

Learn more about our Authorized Reseller Program.

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